Thursday, January 28, 2010

January garden planning

Winter is a great time to look at your seed catalogs, see what you have in storage and make sure that the seeds you have are in good shape for Spring planting. Sorting seeds is a fun thing to do to get excited for Spring.
Throughout the Fall I collect seeds from my herbs, vegetables, flowers, ornamental shrubs and trees that I want to grow the following year. They typically are prepared for storage and then placed in plastic zip-loc bags, glass jars, plastic containers (honey containers and aspirin bottles work great) and paper envelopes. I then place them in a tupperware that is sealed from mice and stored in a cool dark place in our basement. Some time in January I usually get excited for Spring and get them out to see if there are any seeds I need to purchase and/or new varieties I want to try this Spring. I sort the seeds out and make sure that none are moldy and get excited to prepare my growing room for starting seeds in mid-February. I separate them into herbs, flowers, ornamental trees and shrubs, edible trees and shrubs, warm season vegetables, and cool season vegetables that will need to be started indoors soon. I further separate out my warm season seeds into beans, grains, tomatoes, peppers, okra, etc. and my cool season seeds into greens and root crops so that I have a good feeling that all the basics covered for the next year.

Seeds packaged up and organized for planting!

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